Faster food, Better Vue
Work Focus: To reduce the chance of waiting in a queue caused by food orders at Vue
One way to kill the joy of the big screen experience is to be forced to wait in queue for your popcorn. Express Pick Up was trialed at a few choice Vue venues by rewarding customers that had pre-ordered through both a discount at point of purchase online and by allowing them to effectively skip a larger queue upon arrival.
Working within Vue's brand collateral we developed an in-keeping yet striking sub-brand that was easy to navigate for the customer. Important messages to convey were; firstly come this way if you've pre-paid, and secondly this is something you should do next time to avoid a queue and get a discount.
One particular little win on this project that I recall is that we actually went with my first sketch for the logo that I doodled in the initial briefing of this work. This was despite the project being renamed a few times for one reason or another. I knew the design I had in my back pocket would come good - the use of the fast forward icon within the ‘x’ was too appropriate to be passed over.
Role: Lead Designer
Work completed at The Marketing Store.

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