The future is in sustainable lands
Work Focus: Give a face to the future of farming
Three Pools' main objective is to provide some evidence that a more sustainable and regenerative farming system is viable. 
Located in Monmouthshire, Wales this permaculture farm is dedicated to the vision of a sustainable future. Founded by Huw, shortly followed by Tom, Three Pools farm has now grown to be a small community-run farm full of like-minded individuals.
Three Pools sits beside three interconnecting pools, hence the name ‘Three Pools’. The location of the farm was a key way-marker in creating this brand mark. Permaculture farming has a focus on weaving together areas of farming that create one self-sustaining organ. The logo projects these aspects through what resembles an early Brittonic/Celtic mark. It also hints at an infinity glyph to represent the cyclical nature of this rather special farm. This organic looking squiggle is contained within a circle to represent how Three Pools is made whole when all internal systems are working together harmoniously.
Role: Freelance Designer
Work completed as part of my freelance work. Client: Three Pools Farm.
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