Building a brand from scratch, and concrete
Work Focus: Create an original, minimal and responsible brand
“Hard to believe it's concrete when it's this smooth...”
A New York Times Feature
30+ Stockists Worldwide
35 Original Designs 
10,500 Handmade Items
68,000+ Social Media Followers 
Millions of Instagram & Tiktok Views
What initially started as a favour for my girlfriend in need of a logo for her first Etsy store, developed into co-running and leading the design and marketing for a successful minimalist home decor business with a following of 70k on social media and 200 sales per month.
From the physical feel of our smooth-to-the-touch concrete, to interactions with our website, the customer’s experience and our attention to detail have been pivotal to the success of Concrete Goods.
Packaging design, product design, photography, our online presence and short-form video, every angle of Concrete Goods has been nurtured and built by our hands. With my background being as it is, naturally I led the dance when it came to design or creative decisions and processes.
Having spent years in an agency environment and taking a keen interest in systems and workflow management, I picked up the ability to point out and amend inefficiencies at Concrete Goods with relative ease.
• A New York Times feature
• Built a leading concrete decor brand from scratch
• 6,500 Etsy Sales, 900+ 5 star reviews
Role: Creative Director & Co-owner
Work created over 2.5 years in my time as Design & Creative Director at Concrete Goods.
2020 – 2023

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