Work Focus: Get trainers on feet
Adidas' Boost range of running shoes really were unbelievably comfy in comparison to their competitors when they first came to market. What's even more difficult to believe is that 50% of Boost try-ons led to conversions. A customer simply had to experience the Boost technology and they were sold.
I was tasked with creating in-store concepts that increased the probability of customers trying on the Boost trainers, or got a taste of how the technology makes your feet feel. 
Trying on shoes can be a painfully slow experience in most retail settings. So, I imagined multiple ways in which the experience could be improved. My focus was on there being the immediate availability of a full size run of shoes and other immediate ways of exposing the customer to the patented Boost material i.e. the 'Boost Mat'.
Role: Conceptual Designer
Work completed at The Marketing Store.​​​​​​​

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